5th June UPDATE

I’m delighted to have made The Mail on Sunday. A pretty good piece – and my publisher said the two places where publicity should sell books are The Mail and Radio 2 – so pleased I got them both.

You can now listen to all of my radio interviews here.

Recent interviews include BBC Nottingham, BBC CWR and BBC Northants, with an appearance on BBC WM scheduled for Monday June 6th.

I was in the Birmingham Evening Mail last week, and in the Leamington Courier this week, with a very snappy headline. Neither gets the story quite right – which is inevitable. The print version of the Leamington paper had my accident down to drinking too much. as it happened at around 11.30 on a Saturday morning that would have been worrying – and it’s just wrong, so we’ve asked for a correction in next weeks print run.

Finally my tour of the country speaking at series of early evening events, being run by the Radio Academy, finishes on Monday at The Mailbox in Birmingham.

I was unexpectedly No. 1 in the Amazon/Kindle Health & Weight Loss book charts. As these get updated every hour I was probably only in top spot for a short while – but I managed to grab a screen shot – my kids had it framed for me for my birthday!

amazon 1

The book does seem to be gaining some traction, which is good, and I’m now blogging/podcasting on a regular basis.